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The Starless World Gordon Eklund

The Starless World

Gordon Eklund

Published 1994
Mass Market Paperback
152 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Though unworthy of being considered canon, THE STARLESS WORLD does just enough right to capture some of that old-timey STAR TREK TOS magic. Yes, its all pretty silly and by-the-numbers, but my inner twelve-year-old couldnt help but eat it up. Still, I have several complaints. At one point, Kirk pointlessly antagonizes a group of Klingons by claiming to wish them dead. Only by divine intervention (literally) does he manage to avoid being murdered on the spot. Such comments are especially strange, considering he later goes out of his way to save the Klingons lives.Another thing that annoyed me was Kirks security detail. I actually laughed out loud when Kirk scouted a dangerous area before signaling his security team that it was safe to enter. Um, isnt that a little backwards? (In another scene, a prisoner is able to escape because the security team is playing cards with their backs turned.) This book makes lots of lame excuses for why Kirk needs to constantly put himself in danger rather than rely on other members of his crew, but, heck, thats STAR TREK for you.Kirks effectiveness at using a stick to fight off a large bear wins him the undying love of the only young female living on the entire starless world, but, unfortunately, her resemblance to an Ewok precludes anything in the way of mutual romance. Poor Uhura has it particularly rough. Not only does she get part of her soul devoured, she also runs into her long-lost father--a plot twist so unlikely, the book doesnt even attempt to explain it.