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Secrets Darliss Batchelor


Darliss Batchelor

Published February 28th 2011
ISBN : 9780982968604
230 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

When the pastor of Believers Church disappears, the hunt is on for a new pastor. Pastor Mitchell Ross and his wife Marsha answer the call. Becoming senior pastor is a dream come true for Pastor Mitch. However, accusations soon begin to fly threatening his pastoral career and his marriage. Cassandra Williams will do anything, even using her womanly assets, to establish herself as a leader in Believers Church. Eric Howard is a long-standing leader who feels he has been cheated out of stepping into his rightful place as Believers Church pastor. Ilene Thomas is the feisty church mother who believes everything should be done decently and in order as long as its her order. Linda and Maxine are lifelong friends who are also tied together because of their experience of pain at the hands of the men in their lives. When scandal erupts, the parishioners secrets manifest shaking Believers Church to its very core.